THE Supplement

The Supplement

When my son was vaccine injured in 2001, I was determined to find a better answer even though 17 doctors told me, “Don’t get your hopes up.”

Thank you for connecting with me here. I am eager to share our journey and help you to find hope and answers while you are on your journey. If you have a suppressed immune system, if you are looking for more energy, better sleep and a brighter outlook on life, I would like to offer you a free consultation and share how we were helped with all of the above and more.


After my son’s vaccine injury his immune system had become virtually inoperative. He lost his voice and his ability to thrive, he suffered from 21 ear infections in less than five years and was thought to have autism for seven years following his vaccine injury.


From over 7,000 logged hours of research, I penned my third book, The Journey Home from Autism, to share the details of his recovery, from suspicion to success, that all began when he started taking Dr. Robert H. Keller’s all natural supplement, OGF. The Original Glutathione Formula gave him back his life and it has forever changed mine, my family’s life, and countless others.


I encourage you to download my ebook, The Journey Home from Autism, right now and contact me with questions. I am here to help.


These products are money-back guaranteed and the benefits can be proven with blood tests! More in-depth details are in the chapter, THE Supplement, in my book.

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