(Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy)
*Adding this Treatment in 2018*

PEMF is an FDA approved pain management treatment using a magnetic system to create energy that reduces the levels of pain and swelling in our body. For over 60 years, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) have worked with the same technology by utilizing continuous electromagnetic energy to produce heat in the tissue.
Over 10,000 research studies and over 2,000 double-blind studies have firmly established that blood, muscle, ligaments, bone and cartilage all respond to the biophysical input of electrical and electromagnetic fields. New studies show that, with the proper field intensity and frequency, treatment with PEMF appears to be disease-modifying and stabilizing.


As part of this life-changing stabilization, PEMF helps to charge the membranes of the cells, literally increasing our body’s voltage like a battery. This increased voltage energizes the circulation throughout the body, beginning with the mitochondria. Increased circulation supports our body’s overall functioning and increases the filtering of toxins in our system.

Not to be used by people with pacemakers.

To understanding our cellular voltage, this chart can help to illustrate the energy levels of a healthy, fully-functioning person and the diminishing energy levels of sickness.

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