Did you Know?

There are many forms of healing that different cultures

around the world have practiced for centuries. With each

passing generation, more and more is learned and shared

with others globally.

I believe we, as a human race, are all seeking to live a healthier, fuller life. I also believe that the world we aspire to change for ourselves ultimately affects the world for others, in countless ways, hopefully for the better.


Some of the very first forms of healing depended on the person needing help being able to trust the person helping him or her. Divine healing and healing from someone trained in medicine are two very different methods; yet both have measurably improved results when the person being healed has faith in the healer. Always listen to your heart and trust your intuition when you chose someone to help you.


In this section I plan to regularly share information that pertains to health and healing and information that is related to helping others heal. If you would like to have your article published here, I invite you to share it under the contact link. I can’t promise that all submissions will be shared but I can promise that I will read and review each and every one.

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