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The Journey Home from Autism ebook


6 x 9 Autographed softcover (two for $20)

eBook ($4.99)

My third book, The Journey Home from Autism, was self-published in 2010 after I formed my publishing company. This book was the result of requests from my pediatrician and many parents I had been coaching; at his office and through my personal outreach. I had been journaling our ups and downs; our successes and our failures and – most importantly – the research that led me to discover why and how my son developed autism and how to help him. I include everything we did and learned. *This book won the 1st place International INDIE Award and an EVVY Award.) My pediatrician also nominated me to the Who’s Who in the Medical Industry for my research, which was over 7,000 logged hours at that time. TWO copies are only $20.00. INCLUDES shipping inside the US. Limited Quantities. Or, download e-book instantly, only $4.99 right now.



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