Ask and

Ask & Receive™, created by the incredible teacher Sandi Radomski,

ND, L.C.S.W, is based on the concept that we all have a higher part

of ourselves that has the answer to our problems and knows

what we need. We all have this higher, broader perspective

but we often do not have access to it.

Ask & Receive is based completely on the power of the word. Ask & Receive grew out of Sandi Radomski’s years of work with allergies, trauma and muscle testing combined with her business partner, Tom Altaffer, and their work with higher states of consciousness.

Tom found that when people are in higher states of consciousness they always have creative solutions to their problems that they never would have thought of in their normal reality.

Ask & Receive is equally effective with both physical and emotional issues. It is an easily accessible technique that you can use on yourself, with others and on behalf of others. It is a tool that can easily be combined with other energy psychology techniques. The same process is used for treating allergies, pain, infection, tightness, or negative emotions to include anger, guilt, or anxiety. Another added benefit is that it can be used to shift limiting beliefs that act as filters to our perception, thus causing pain and suffering.

Ask & Receive acknowledges that we are more than who we think we are. We are more than the various parts of our personality. We are part of a field that is the container for all of our experiences, beliefs and emotions. Ask & Receive is different from most of the other energy psychology techniques as it does not entail tapping on meridian points or holding places on the body.

While taking Sandi’s Allergy Antidote Practitioner program I learned that by repeating the five simple steps of Ask and Receive, anyone can have direct access to this higher state of information and incorporate it into their body to use in their life.

I have experienced this remarkable healing myself. The trick is to find easy ways of bypassing the conscious mind (which created the problem in the first place). Then we directly connect the parts of our body that hold the problem with the parts of our higher self that hold the solution.

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